Jane Docs 1.0

Operator Embed Query Params

Pass in query params to pre-filter which products the user sees on a menu
We support pre-filtering the following fields:
  • Category
    • Valid values: indica, sativa, hybrid, cbd
    • E.g.
      • One category: ?category=hybrid
      • Multiple categories: ?category=hybrid,indica
  • Root Type
    • Valid top-level values: gear, pre-roll, extract, edible, merch, grow, tincture, flower, topical, vape
    • E.g.
      • Top-level: ?root_types=edible
      • Sub RootTypes: ?root_types=edible:Bars
  • Brand
    • Valid values: any string that refers to a brand - please use HTML encoded strings
    • E.g. ?brand=Plus%20Products
    • An additional ‘hard’ filter can be applied to prevent users from seeing other brands
      • ?brand=Plus%20Products&hard=brand
  • Search query
    • Valid values: any string
    • E.g. ?query=sleep
You can form complex queries by combining multiple filters, e.g.
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
Please note that URLs should be encoded and are are case sensitive.